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Our approach to Science

We are a science company with the vision to accelerate the access to novel T cell therapies to fight solid tumours. We partner with leading institutions to take cell therapies to the next level, from idea to proof of concept and from proof of concept to confirmation of efficacy. Our ambition is to follow a seamless scientific development from bench to bedside.


«Our integrated sciences team has a holistic approach to bring transformational therapies to patients, mapping and optimizing results from bench to bedside, patient selection, manufacturing and product characterization to individual outcomes.»

Therese Choquette, Science & Analytics


Adoptive Cell Therapy (ACT)

Cell therapies have played a substantial part in the progress of oncology and regenerative medicine in the past years. Biotechnology and in particular cell biology, engineering and automation will help accelerate the transfer of breakthrough ideas to patients. Our current focus is on advanced cell therapies in particular autologous T cell-based therapies for solid tumours.


Our Pipeline

We focus on autologous T cell based therapies to fight cancer. The first Neo-antigen T cell product is currently in a Phase I trial for the treatment of solid tumours. The technical and clinical development will accelerate the program to move to the next stage of development.


«When everybody shares the vision to bring curative science to the patient, seamless collaboration, early on, can unlock incredible creative power»

Ursula Busse, Science & Regulatory

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