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We are moving fast and shaping the cell & gene landscape requires a lot of engagement amongst all stakeholders in the ecosystem.
We keep you informed about the latest news on Tigen and we would be delighted to get your feedback and your point of view.


Basel, 23 March 2023

We were at DIA Europe 2023 in Basel discussing means to accelerate cell and gene therapy development.
While technical progress leads to a wide range of opportunities, the transformation of the wider ecosystem still requires a lot of concerted effort from all parties.


Lausanne, 15 December 2022

Tigen welcomes Michel Orsinger to the board of directors. As a global leader, Michel will support Tigen’s growth through his extensive healthcare and leadership experience.


Lausanne, 14 October 2022

Tigen exercises first option from the T Cell Program at the Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV) on behalf of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research for the development of a Neoantigen-specific Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes product (NeoTIL).
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Lausanne, 1 September 2022

Join us in welcoming Simon Eade as Chief Business Officer.

Lausanne, 29 August 2022

Emily Whitehead Foundation, Bruce Levin and Stephan Grupp visiting the Tigen lab in Lausanne and discussing what's next in Cell & Gene Therapies.

Lausanne, 5 July 2022

Why we need a revolution for personalized cell therapies.

Lausanne, 1 July 2022

Join us in welcoming Simon Chaplin as Chief Financial Officer.

London, 25 May 2022

Dorothea Ledergerber discussing the future of cell & gene therapies manufacturing at the Advanced Therapies get-together in London.

Lausanne, 25 April 2022

Join us in welcoming Therese Choquette (Vallerskog) to the Tigen team as Head of Analytical Sciences.
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