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We are the Catalyst in the Cell & Gene Therapy Ecosystem

We are a Swiss biotech company with the vision to accelerate the access to novel therapies for patients and society. We scout for disruptive ideas, catalyse the science with state-of-the-art clinical, process, and technology know-how and we partner for commercialisation. We accelerate the transfer of breakthrough science to the patient with an innovative manufacturing platform.


«Our vision is to accelerate the transfer of breakthrough science to the patient»

Emmanuel Savioz, CEO

The Tigen Catalyst Model combines innovative science and a versatile manufacturing platform

We bridge the gap between academia and commercially ready therapies. We collaborate with academia early on to take innovative science onto our manufacturing platform to accelerate the transfer from pre-clinical studies to safety, efficacy, and registration studies. We partner with regional and global institutions for market and patient access. We are a highly networked company with a core team of experienced cell and gene experts.


Our Engagement Principles

We are a dedicated team of experts with a conviction to accelerate access of novel therapies to patients and society. We are curious at heart and follow our vision with perseverance. We believe in early and cross-functional collaboration.

We are
One Team

We are a cross-functional team of experts working hand in hand to develop breakthrough ideas.

We push

We are curious at heart and dive deep to bring novel therapies to patients.

We have a Long-term Perspective

We are independent and follow our vision with perseverance.

We strive for

We set high standards and strive for the smartest solution. With a spirit of competitiveness, we want to win.

We Give Back
to Society

We invest locally and give back to academia and society.

We promote

We have an entrepreneurial spirit. We learn and adapt fast.

Our growing Partner Ecosystem

The Cell & Gene Therapy field is evolving fast, and partnering with leading institutions along all aspects of development is key. The expansion of our ecosystem is of mutual benefit for us and our partner companies.


Sustainability and our
long-term perspective

With our long-term perspective and our purpose to accelerate access to novel therapies, we are addressing major sustainability opportunities in the cell and gene ecosystem. Our multidisciplinary team and disruptive approach have the potential to improve both the ecological and social sustainability substantially. 


We believe that every individual can contribute to social freedom and sustainable growth.

Individually and as a firm we embrace all 17 UN SDGs, with a special emphasis on the following:

  • Goal #3: Good Health and Well-Being

  • Goal #5: Gender Equality

  • Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • Goal #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities

  • Goal #13: Climate Action

  • Goal #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


The UN SDGs encourage partnerships and collaborations to achieve the goals, a firm belief we as Tigen share.

Our approach to Philanthropy

Giving back to society is a foundational ambition of our firm and people and comes naturally from our commitment to sustainable behaviors and partnerships. Through expert advice, financial support and volunteerism, we want to impact our communities.

We will consider supporting charitable initiatives that are either Science and Education projects or Humanitarian, Health related and Social projects.

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