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Our approach to
Technical Development

The progress in biotechnology is largely driven by advancements in cell biology, process and equipment engineering. Today, cell therapy is still in a manual and individualised world. The current approach is not fit for the future variety and fast pace of innovation in personalised T cell-based therapies. The Tigen team combines a wide range of expertise in technical development and manufacturing, allowing for a holistic approach combining cell biology, automation and data. New therapies will only materialise based on a seamless collaboration between academia, clinicians and manufacturing experts.


«We unveil the full potential of CGT by applying the highest standards of quality, speed and efficiency»

Dorothea Ledergerber, Chief Technical Officer


We put the patient and the physician in the centre of our thinking

Tumour mutations ask for a tailored approach to cancer treatments. Standardised and automated platforms are an enabler for patient-specific delivery models. To accelerate development from pre-clinical studies to patient-specific treatments, early collaboration across functions is required. The benefits are wide ranging, from speed, flexibility and accessibility to reliable processes and economic efficiency.


Our Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Platform

A highly standardised yet versatile manufacturing platform is the foundational delivery model for all Tigen technologies and enables patient-centric, on-demand and on-time manufacturing.
Adapting academic research & development processes early on with the requirements of good manufacturing processes (GMP) standards in mind, is crucial for fast and and wide patient access.

The intense collaboration of multidisciplinary teams across stages of development combined with highly versatile platforms will allow for shorter development timelines from early ideas through safety and efficacy studies to the commercial setting.


«Cell biology, engineering and automation need to go hand in hand to bring therapies to patients faster.»

Friedemann Übele,
Manufacturing Science & Technology

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